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The different types of Insurance we offer

Trauma/Critical Illness

Some of us will experience serious illness. The cost of recovering from a condition like cancer or heart attack can take its toll. Not just emotionally, but financially, too.

Critical Illness Cover pays an agreed lump sum benefit in the event of a listed serious illness. This money can help you survive financially while you focus on recovering and getting back to your everyday life. Here are just some of the features you can expect with Critical Illness Cover:

  • Cover for major Illness events: Cancers, heart disease and stroke are all typically covered.
  • Increased cover for paralysis: In the event of paralysis, the Paralysis Support Benefit will double your payment amount.
  • Additional benefits: For instance, the Child’s Critical Illness benefit provides you with a payment of $10,000 if your child suffers a Critical Illness event. Contact us for further information.

Life insurance

We like to think ‘it will never happen to us’. But the reality is, some of us will pass on sooner than expected – leaving family and loved ones behind.

Here are just some of the features you can expect with Life Cover:

Early payment: If you’re diagnosed as terminally ill, you are unlikely to be working which means less household income. You may therefore be eligible for early payment. Alternatively, there is also the feature of an advanced payment, which allows access up to $25,000 to help cover funeral costs.

Life Cover pays a lump sum amount in the event of your death – helping protect your loved ones’ lifestyle and future. It is essential for those with family or other financial commitments.

Income Protection

Your ability to earn an income is your most valuable asset. Your lifestyle depends on it. If an accident or illness prevented you from working, how would you cope financially?

Income Protection Cover pays up to 75% of your income if you are ill or injured. This money can help you and your family manage your living expenses while you recover.

By opting to put this cover in place, you are protecting the things you love the Your children’s school expenses and living costs; mortgage repayments, other bills and daily expenses.

We are very competitive in this area; tailor making the benefit to what you the client wants.

Total Permanant Disability

How would you, your family or your business cope if you could no longer earn an income? How would you manage if you needed permanent care?

Sure, you could survive on your savings – for a while. But facing permanent disability would leave very few options for you and your family to manage your future lifestyle.

A lump sum payment is critical to help meet the following expenses.

Medical bills, home care, mortgage repayments, & daily living costs.

There are many options for putting this cover into place. Call or email us for further information.

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